Logistics of Doing Business in Canada: Non-Resident Import Program

This webinar will provide an overview of customs brokers, the NRI program, the benefits that the NRI program provides to U.S. exporters.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021


1:00PM ET - 2:00PM ET


Your Computer



Presented by

U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce

Event Details

The NRI program is designed to benefit U.S. companies by allowing them to sell to Canadian clients on a landed cost basis, streamline the customs process, and reduce paperwork. This webinar will teach US companies about the program.  Participant to this webinar are interested in increasing their knowledge on how to do business in Canada.

Event Information

  • Get answers to basic questions like “What is a Non-Resident Importer” and “Why would you want to be a NRI?”.
  • Find out how U.S. Exporters can take advantage of the Non-Resident Importer Program to expand into Canadian markets.
  • Understand how the NRI program can help increase your competitive advantage and improve shipment control.


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