**Funded in part through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration**

For participants of the STEP Financial Assistance Award program, a pre-recorded presentation is available below to assist with your reimbursement:

The file is an .mp4 file, so please check your computer settings to ensure you have the correct player to view this presentation.

Please note:

  • Reimbursements are based on completion of activity or activities.  All itemized receipts must be compiled into one submission.  If your application contains two or more activities, you must complete ALL activities before completing this form.
  • Attachment F is provided with your Notice of Award.  Please contact Rachel Adams or Tina Kasim if you need an Attachment F.
  • One (1) reimbursement packet (including a completed and signed Attachment F, receipts, invoices and proofs of payment) must be emailed to Rachel Adams or Tina Kasim as one complete PDF.
  • No partial packages will be accepted for reimbursement or you may be delayed in receiving your reimbursement.
  • Your reimbursement packet must be submitted within 30 days of completing your activity or activities.


For additional questions, please contact:

Tina Kasim
Program Manager
State of New Hampshire Office of International Commerce / NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs
(E) Tina.Kasim@livefree.nh.gov
(T) 603.271.8444

Rachel Adams
International Trade Officer
State of New Hampshire Office of International Commerce / NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs
(E) Rachel.Adams@livefree.nh.gov
(T) 603.271.8444